DNA Industries provides complete end-to-end merchandising solutions. Our team carefully designs and produces practical merchandising solutions that support retail sales.

Here’s how we do it:




DNA Industries state of the art graphic and structural design department is the heart of our merchandising division. Providing high quality concepts and merchandising solutions to our clients enables them to envision the entire merchandising program and how it will directly affect their brand visibility.


Our structural team has the talent and ability to usher any concept into reality while still maintaining a structurally sound and functional peice.

Our in house ability to digital print and iCut prototypes allows the client see exactly how the final production run will look. This step also allows for artwork tweaks and adjustments.


We have developed a solid and reliable group of manufacturing partners. Each project has a tailored manufacturing process that allows DNA industries to produce the job both economically and efficiently.


When your project reaches the kitting and fulfillment stage. We have a team of specialists who insure your product is assembled gently and correctly.

Packaging is key to damage control. The inbound product is accounted for in our inventory system and any damaged product is reported back to the client before kitting begins.


If required, DNA has the capability to ship your final product to either individual store locations, centralized distribution centres or direct to store.

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